The Girl Explorers

February 24, 2021

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For women who know no boundaries. The Girl Explorers by Jayne Zanglein is a book that shares the stories of some of the founding members of the Society of Woman Geographers. Started in 1925, this organization of over 500 women across the globe, knows no boundaries and is comprised of a diverse group of women who have demonstrated an expertise and contributed to the spread of knowledge in geography and related fields. In addition to chronicling the founding and evolution of the Society of Woman Geographers, read about the adventures and achievements of some of its well known members like Amelia Earhart, from her first transatlantic flight as, in her own words, a “sack of potatoes” to her historic 1932 flight as the first woman to successfully fly solo across the Atlantic. Get inspired by Jayne Zanglein’s The Girl Explorers!