Trail Tested

January 13, 2021

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Here’s the ultimate resource guide for your next long-distance hike. In Trail Tested by Justin Lichter, AKA Trauma, each page is jam-packed with information, photos, and engaging stories. Clocking over 35,000 miles of hiking a variety of trails throughout the world, Trauma shares his extensive experience with the reader, in hopes of saving you time and money by providing useful tips so you can enjoy the outdoors. “Trauma Tips” include double treating or increasing the treatment time of questionable water to purify it; investing in a wool base-layer shirt for moisture management and odor-free hiking; removing ticks with a cotton ball soaked in liquid soap; and avoiding caffeine during winter trekking since it restricts blood flow and cools extremities. For informed backcountry enjoyment, check out Justin Lichter’s Trail Tested for practical, tried-and-true advice and information.