September 11, 2020

Currently available: $10.99  Visit their site to learn more

Broken zipper? Don’t worry, it can be fixed with FixnZip! Whether it’s a zipper on a jacket, duffel bag, tent, sleeping bag, or purse, FixnZip will rescue you. Start by checking the back of your zipper slider to find what size FixnZip you need (small, medium, or large). Then unscrew the pin of FixnZip so the sides are loosened. Slide one side of the zipper teeth into the FixnZip, and then slide the other row of teeth in the opposite side. Tighten the pin to secure the slider on the zipper. Engage the zipper teeth by moving the slider to the end of the zipper and squeeze the top and bottom of the slider to help the teeth pop into place, and you’re set to go! Easy-peasy – no tools, no needles, no hassle! Their YouTube channel has a collection of helpful videos to walk you through all the steps. FixnZip is so easy to use and will save you time and money on broken zippers!