Hurt Skurts

June 3, 2020

Currently available: $19.98+  Visit their site to learn more

Get relief with fun and effective stretch-to-fit therapy. Hurt Skurts are revolutionary sports therapy sleeves that provide you with cold or hot, 360 degree muscle relief. Each sleeve is made with a stretchy fabric and consists of an elastic band at the top and bottom to allow you to target the exact area that needs that extra attention, and inside each sleeve are several rectangular gel packs enclosed in panels. The sleeves come in three sizes: small which is designed for hand, wrist, arm, foot, ankle, or calf application; medium which is designed for elbow, upper arm, foot, calf, knee, or upper leg application; and large which is designed for full arm, calf/knee, and knee/upper leg application. Place the Hurt Skurt in the freezer for about 4 hours and it will stay cold 5 times longer than ice.¬†And because you sometimes need heat therapy, Hurt Skurts can also be heated in the microwave to give you warm, soothing therapeutic relief. Choose from four bright Hawaiian prints, gray camo, or a blackout/geometric print. As they say, “Skurt the Hurt” with the cooling or soothing heat of Hurt Skurts!