JetSurf Adventure DFI Plus

May 29, 2020

Currently available: $12,900  Visit their site to learn more

No waves? You can still surf with the JetSurf Adventure DFI Plus! The next time you’re headed to the beach and enjoying the water, hop on this motorized surfboard. Equipped with a low emission impact engine, you can reach speeds of up to 35 mph and with an additional fuel can, which can be attached to the board, you have up to 3 hours of cruising time. Safety is ensure with ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam that connect you to the board, allowing for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips, as well as a kill switch system that shuts off the engine immediately after the magnet on your wrist disconnects with the JetSurf handle. What better way to maintain your social distancing that getting on the water with the JetSurf Adventure DFI Plus!