May 4, 2020

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Sliding’s fun on the slopes or in the park but not when it comes to your sunglasses! Fortunately, there’s Nerdwax to the rescue! This thin tube looks a bit like a lip balm and works similarly by twisting it counter-clockwise to expose the beeswax and coconut oil formulation. Apply it directly to the nosepad area of your sunnies and say bye-bye to them slipping down your nose! You can tailor the amount of Nerdwax that you put on (and how frequently), depending on how active you’ll be. Load it on, if you’re trekking up the mountains or heading to the beach, but if you’re just going for a leisurely walk, apply it lightly. Because it’s made of all natural, cosmetic grade ingredients, it’s gentle on your skin and shouldn’t cause any irritation or damage your glasses. Help keep your specs in place with Nerdwax!