Arcopedico Monterey Sandals

April 2, 2020

Currently available: $95  Visit their site to learn more

Spring has sprung (or will soon for some of us!), and that means it’s almost sandal time! You may recall the folks at Arcopedico that we introduced you to last year – that super comfy shoe maker that brought us the L19 boot – they have some super comfy sandals, too. Hurrah! The Monterey is a top-seller, and it’s no wonder, because you can wear them all-day long in style. The ultra cushioned footbed is designed to keep your feet dry and well ventilated – no smelly feet here, or worse, no slipping and sliding because of sweaty feet. A slight, 1-inch heel with leather straps (vegan leather for the Biscuit color) and elastic criss-cross straps, make for a comfortable and sure step. The elastic makes it easy to slip on and off, but the wide straps make it such that they won’t slip off on their own. This style comes in four colors: purple, black, red, and biscuit (tan). For spring/summer cool and comfort, go with the Arcopedico Monterey sandal!