Nature’s Cure-All Tea Tree Oil Foot and Shoe Spray

March 31, 2020

Currently available: $11.49  Visit their site to learn more

Spray away smelliness! The Tea Tree Oil Foot and Shoe Spray from our friends at Nature’s Cure-All is a multi-purpose gem. Tea tree oil is the key ingredient, and it’s not surprising that this essential oil is often called a “medicine cabinet in a bottle” thanks to its antibacterial, disinfectant, deodorant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and healing properties. Plus it’s blended with a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit and clove bud essential oils to help eliminate odor from even the most stinky feet and shoes. Use it directly on your feet (the peppermint oil lends a special cooling sensation which is welcome after a long hike or run), or spray it in shoes, in your gym bag, and even in your closet or car, anywhere that needs some freshening up. Try Nature’s Cure-All Tea Tree Oil Foot and Shoe Spray for an all-natural, effective odor eliminator.