Grown Alchemist Brightening Serum

November 21, 2019

Currently available: $79  Visit their site to learn more

Brighten your day! Our friends at Grown Alchemist have just the product to help you with this. Their Brightening Serum is a scientifically formulated elixir that will assist in fading the sun spots and hyperpigmentation that plagues us TrailblazerGirl because of our time outdoors (even though we are vigilant about applying sunscreen every day!). The magic ingredients are a phyto-complex mixture of arbutin, glabridin, and Rumex plant extract that aid in preventing the formation of melanin and assist in lightening and evening out skin tone. This combination is gentle on your skin so you can use it near your eyes and daily or even twice daily after cleansing. The formulation is a clear, medium weight, gel-like solution that is absorbed quickly and has a very mild, pleasant scent. The Grown Alchemist Brightening Serum is a welcome addition to our skin care regimen!