America’s Best Day Hikes

November 20, 2019

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Though the weather right now isn’t ideal for hikers, you can still dream about where to go with the new book from Derek Dellinger, America’s Best Day Hikes. This is a collection of 50 hikes across the¬†contiguous United States, chosen based on a year of extensive research and the determination to find hikes that were short enough that the average hiker could accomplish them in a single day. The hikes represent something quintessential about six regions in the United States: Northwest, Southwest, Mountain, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. It has practical information such as distance, elevation gain, time, fees, and difficulty, as well as a trail overview, planning, and exactly what to type in Google Maps to locate the trail’s starting point. America’s Best Day Hikes makes us want to get out and experience this bucket list of hikes!