Megababe Thigh Rescue

July 30, 2019

Currently available: $14  Visit their site to learn more

Chafing is just no fun, and our friends at Megababe have the perfect solution for you. Thigh Rescue is a solid balm that creates a clear barrier for irritation-free thighs. Yippee! Formulated with key ingredients like aloe, pomegranate seed extract, and grapeseed oil, this non-toxic, anti-friction stick will moisturize and soothe any inflammation. Oh, and it has a nice clean citrus scent too and doesn’t stain or drip. We found that we needed to reapply it several hours into an especially long hike, but the deodorant-like stick format, made it easy to swipe on for quick relief of that dreaded skin-to-skin friction. Created by women for women, Thigh Rescue “takes the Ouch and the Ugh out of being a woman”.