Hello Bello Summer Products

July 25, 2019

Currently available: $2.88+  Visit their site to learn more

Greeting to affordable, premium products that are safe for babies, parents, and the planet! The folks at Hello Bello have products aimed at babies and the kiddos, however they also have some great outdoor products that meet our TrailblazerGirl needs (hey, if it’s good for those up-and-coming, young TrailblazerGirls, then it’s good for us big TrailblazerGirls too!). Their Mineral Sunscreen is an award-winning sunscreen with 20% zinc oxide that provides broad spectrum protection against all 3 types of UV rays: UVB, UVA2, and UVA1. It’s also formulated with organic shea and cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and organic calendula, green tea, avocado, and cucumber extracts, giving it a fresh scent that is moisturizing without being greasy. Absorbed quickly without any white residue, it’s reef friendly and water resistant up to 80 minutes. Their Bug Spray is DEET free and relies on natural essential oils such as citronella, lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, and thyme, to repel mosquitoes. It’s lab-tested to keep those pesky pests away for up to four hours. Lastly, don’t forget the Hand Sanitizer! This spray naturally kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and has a touch of avocado, calendula, and cucumber extracts to moisturize, soothe and protect your skin to boot. Enjoy your time outdoors with Hello Bello!