Go Max Go Candy Bars

June 12, 2019

Currently available: $2.49  Visit their site to learn more

Sometimes “no” is good. Especially when we’re talking about no dairy, no eggs, no hydrogenated oils, no trans fats, no artificial ingredients, no corn syrup, and no cholesterol! Our friends at Go Max Go Foods have magically created candy bars that are free of all those “no’s” yet are amazingly delicious. Their signature-recipe chocolatey coating uses Certified Fair Trade cocoa and tastes like milk-chocolate, but it’s non-dairy, so these are vegan-friendly candies. There are nine different bars to choose from: Thumbs Up, Cleo’s, Cleo’s White, Snap!, Jokerz, Mahalo, Buccaneer, Twilight, and 2fer. They’re also gluten-free with the exception of Jokerz, and 2fer. The TrailblazerGirl team sacrificed themselves (someone’s gotta do it!) and tried all of them and found them to be so yummy that we couldn’t come up with a favorite. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the all-natural, vegan Go Max Go Candy Bars!