Journey Scarf

May 29, 2019

Currently available: $29.99  Visit their site to learn more

No pocket, no worries… as long as you have the Journey Scarf! This clever and super handy scarf with a secret is from a company with a fun name, Pang Wangle, a woman-owned business based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Just like it’s name, an expression that means to go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes, you can pang wangle on your merry way with the Journey Scarf, thanks to a hidden pocket. The pocket is zippered and convenient to secure sunglasses, ID, money, and keys and even big enough to carry a phone, though that’s a bit heavy to wear around your neck. As if having this secret pocket wasn’t enough, it is fashioned out of recycled fabric and treated with insect repellent! Triply good! The fabric is lightweight, soft and made in a solar-powered facility using plastic bottles which are spun down into a polyester yarn then blended with cotton. The color comes from the recycled item: pink comes from plastic ketchup bottles, brown from plastic beer bottles, green from plastic 7-Up and Sprite bottles, black from food trays, blue from blue bottles, and white from clear bottles. The insect repellent is built into the fabric fibers and is effective against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. You can machine wash and dry the scarf, and the insect repellent won’t wash out for more than 70 washes. It can be worn in many different ways: wear it doubled up as a scarf, over the shoulders as a shawl, over your head to protect you from the sun, or across your body as a tote. Eco-friendly, handy carry-all, stylish, and keeps the bugs away – the Pang Wangle Journey Scarf is a must have accessory in your TrailblazerGirl wardrobe!