Superfeet merinoGREY Premium Insoles

August 20, 2012

Currently available: $44.95  Visit their site to learn more

You’ll almost certainly need new insoles before new hiking boots, and the just released merinoGREY Premium Insoles from Superfeet are definitely worth a try. Not only do they have a track record in providing outstanding support for your entire foot, the Merino wool top cover acts as a thermo-regulator to keep your feet warm when it’s cold outside and cool and when it’s hot. That Merino wool is also a natural moisture wicking material, so it’ll draw moisture away from your feet to help keep them dry. And, the lanolin coating acts as an anti-bacterial surface to repel the bacteria in perspiration and as a deodorant to help keep your shoes smelling clean. But the real proof for us came when our team at TrailblazerGirl got our hands on a couple of pair, and we road tested them on a tough, all-day hike. Our findings? We were extremely happy with the performance. These insoles didn’t need a break-in period for us. They just worked. Our feet were surprisingly comfortable throughout the day, and even more telling, our feet were not fatigued at the end of the day. That’s unusual for this hike and it’s definitely attributable to the insoles. Definitely give these a try.