FITS Medium Hiker Crew

March 18, 2019

Currently available: $22.99  Visit their site to learn more

We introduced you to FITS several years ago, and those Light Active Socks are still going strong, so we were excited to check out their Medium Hiker Crew socks. First off, they feel great, both inside and out – super soft and cushy. A topnotch sock, especially with hiking boots, since the entire sock is cushioned, not just on the soles but on the top and around the ankle and shin as well. Second, FITS is known for their patented Full Contact Fit. It’s as if your feet are getting a gently snuggle throughout the day, which makes them comfortable and the better fit makes it less likely that you’ll be plagued with blisters. Third, the wool blend has natural, antibacterial and wicking properties, is breathable, and is not itchy at all. Fourth, though they’re ideal for your long TrailblazerGirl hikes, don’t just save them for those times, because your feet will appreciate the fit, coziness, and comfort of the FITS Medium Hiker Crew any time!¬†FITS just fits!