March 8, 2019

Currently available: $129  Visit their site to learn more

Bike smart with SmartHalo! This biking accessory and free app have an impressive number of useful features. It’s an alarm: a piercing 100 dB sounds if someone tries to mess with your bike. It’s a navigation tool: set your destination in the app and get turn by turn directions that are easily communicated to you using the color coded lights of the “halo” to guide you. It’s a light: the LED light automatically turns on when it gets dark and off when you’re done riding. It’s a fitness tracker: set your goals in the app and then watch the display to see how you’re doing. It’s a personal assistant: the display flashes when you have a call or text coming in. Plus, there’s an anti-theft locking mechanism so you never have to remove it from your bike when your ride is over, and it will last weeks on a single charge. SmartHalo is a smart accessory for your bike!