Editor’s Top Finds of 2018: Most Innovative Items

January 2, 2019


There were so many interesting and innovative items reviewed in 2018, and our TrailblazerGirl editorial team wanted to highlight their top 3 for the year (just in case you missed them last year!). First, Aquio, a super cool, sleek-looking water bottle and Bluetooth speaker combo that will make you the hit of the party! Keep hydrated with cold or hot beverages while listening to clear crisp music emanating from the waterproof speaker for up to 6 hours. Second, never worry about being stranded on your adventures with a dead car battery, thanks to JumpSmart, from our friends at Limitless Innovations. What looks like a standard flashlight, is actually a vehicle jump starter that is powerful enough to start up to a 3-liter gas engine or a 2-liter diesel engine, plus a 4-mode LED flashlight, plus a power bank to charge your phone, tablet, or camera. Third, FinalStraw, the eco-friendly solution to the disposable, plastic straw problem that is polluting our oceans and harming our wildlife. This reusable, foldable, stainless steel straw packs down to a compact size that can easily fit in a pocket or purse or even be attached to your keychain with the handy leash. These are just a few of the innovative items reviewed in 2018 that were worth a second look and maybe an after-holiday present to yourself!