Thunderbird Real Food Bars

November 21, 2018

Currently available: $19.95 (box of 10)  Visit their site to learn more

Hailing from the Lone Star state are a some bars that give you a healthy alternative to the usual energy bars. Thunderbird Real Food Bars are loaded with 100% all natural fruits, nuts, and seeds. No added sugar – that means no real sugar, artificial sugar, honey, agave, corn syrup – no sugar. Period. They are paleo certified, vegan friendly, grain free, soy free, preservative free, and dairy free. What’s in them then?! Just simple, real ingredients like dates, hazelnuts, carrots, macadamia nuts, chia seeds, coconut, hemp seeds, and figs. There are two categories of bars: Fruit and Nut (150-210 calories and 2-4 grams of protein) and Nut and Seed (220-250 calories and 3-6 grams of protein). They offer 10 deliciously unique flavor combinations like Peach Pecan Vanilla and Pineapple Mango Papaya (our fave!). Try Thunderbird Real Food Bars for a healthy, tasty snack on the trails!