Mighty Mug

October 11, 2018

Currently available: $19.99  Visit their site to learn more

Make your life easier with a spill-proof mug! No more worries about accidentally knocking over your mug near your computer or even forgetting your travel mug on top of your car (that’s right, on the roof of your car – take a look at their video!) The Mighty Mug is specially designed to be tip-resistant, thanks to its patented SmartGrip Technology. The base of each Mighty Mug is fitted with a system that grips any smooth, flat, solid surface, preventing it from falling over when hit. When you’re ready to take a drink, simply lift the Mighty Mug straight up, and the pressure is instantly normalized allowing the airlock to release. Amazing! Plus the Mighty Mug has all the features that a good travel mug should have: double wall vacuum insulation, keeping hots hot for at least 6 hours and colds cold for at least 14 hours; sweat proof, car cupholder friendly, and leak resistant. The Mighty Mug is indispensable (and almost unbelievable!) for the on-the-go TrailblazerGirl!