arena The One Goggles

August 6, 2018

Currently available: $20  Visit their site to learn more

This is the one. Yes, really, The One Goggles from our friends at arena will be the one and only pair of goggles that you will ever need. Sooo comfortable, thanks to the extensive research that was done to determine the appropriate size and shape of the goggle based on the shape of your facial structure, in particular, their Orbit-Proof Technology avoids zones on your face that compromise suction. As comfortable as they are, they certainly have not sacrificed wide peripheral and forward visibility and a perfect, leak-proof, watertight seal. Plus an anti-fog coating ensures a clear view. No wonder these goggles are popular with Olympic and world-class athletes!¬†When you’re heading out for that open water swim, triathlon, or just a dip in the backyard pool, remember The One!