Macaw! Gourmet Protein Bars

July 19, 2018

Currently available: $32.99 (12 bars)  Visit their site to learn more

Are you nuts about cashews? We definitely are! Rich, buttery, sweet cashews are technically seeds of the cashew “apple” and are loaded with heart healthy benefits, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. The folks at Macaw! Foods are showcasing this comma-shaped powerhouse in the form of delicious, freshly ground organic cashew butter in their Gourmet Protein Bars. Adding a handful of other organic ingredients like dates, chocolate, and protein powders, these bars are soft, chewy, and super yummy. With 10-11 grams of protein and 240-250 calories, there’s no added sugar, no gluten, no artificial flavors, and no GMOs. Just listen to these 5 delectable flavors that are made with whey protein: Banana Bread, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie, Coconut Husk, and Cinnamon Roll, and another 3 vegan-friendly flavors, thanks to the organic blend of brown rice protein and pea protein: Peanut Butter Cookie, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Lemon Poppy. So as they say, “Spread your wings. Be wild!”, and we say, be wild about Macaw! Gourmet Protein Bars!