Ocean Freedom Upolu Cay Reef & Outer Edge Upolu Reef Tour

May 16, 2018

Currently available: $215AUD  Visit their site to learn more

No trip to Straya is complete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef! And the best way to see it is to take a boat out and get in the water. Our friends at Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours have a tour that showcases the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site with their Ocean Freedom Upolu Cay Reef and Outer Edge Upolu Reef tour. This all-day tour takes you to two of the best locations for snorkeling and diving –  the “Wonder Wall” on the outer edge of Upolu Reef, which is filled with colorful sea creatures from bright Butterfly Fish, Damselfish, and Clown Fish to blue sea stars and menacing-looking (but thankfully harmless!) White-tipped Reef Sharks; and the Upolu Cay Reef, a stunning coral formation surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, which if you are lucky and it’s low tide, boasts an exposed sand bar, well, technically not sand – actually crushed up dead and sun bleached coral and reef animal skeletons. The 20 meter catameran boat has a capacity of 105 passengers but they limit the number to 75 guests, which makes for a very comfortable atmosphere and more personalized service. A light breakfast, buffet lunch, and afternoon snacks are offered during the cruise. Guests are provided with flotation vests, stinger suits, masks, snorkel and fins. A complementary glass bottom boat tour gives a well informed introduction to the world’s largest coral reef system that is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands and stretches over an area of approximately 133,000 square miles. For an enjoyable time on the Reef, check out the Ocean Freedom Upolu Cay Reef and Outer Edge Upolu Reef Tour!