HotLips Titanium 600 Mug by Snow Peak

July 26, 2012

Currently available: $36.95  Visit their site to learn more

Hot lips redefined. Yep, now “hot lips” doesn’t just refer to an old M*A*S*H character, it also refers to a clever attachment for a cup to protect your lips from, well, getting too hot. The HotLips Titanium 600 Mug by Snow Peak essentially has two parts. The HotLips attachment is a silicone protector that clips right on to the cup. And, the folks at Snow Peak built the cup with Titanium so you can warm up your water (or soup or whatever) directly in there. Use the cup like a little pot and once the liquid is warm, attach the HotLips and you’re good to go. Lightweight, efficient and a very cool idea too.