Farm to Feet Damascus Hiking Socks

April 12, 2018

Currently available: $18+  Visit their site to learn more
[Now available at select REI stores including downtown Seattle!]

Take care of your feet with an all American sock! A few years ago we introduced you to the quality socks from the folks at Farm to Feet, and while those socks are still going strong (yes, even with almost 4 years of wear and tear!), we were happy to try their new Damascus Hiking Socks. These socks are their top of the line pair designed for hiking with comfort compression, cushioning and ventilation along the top of the foot, extra padding in the heel and ball of the foot, and multiple ventilation channels that allow for air flow and fast drying. The merino wool is soft and lends itself well to creating a durable sock that is breathable and naturally resistant to moisture, wicking, and odor. And Farm to Feet has maintained their commitment to producing socks that are 100% American from the materials and packaging used to the construction and manufacturing. For a long-lasting, comfortable pair of hiking socks, go with Farm to Feet’s Damascus!