April 6, 2018

Currently available: 990,000€  Visit their site to learn more

If money is no object, how about a flying yacht?! FOILER, from a company called ENATA Marine, is a luxury ride that relies on hybrid diesel-electric propulsion. Two BMW inboard engines feed power to two generators which then convert the energy to electricity before transferring it to a pair of custom electric-powered torpedo engines that propel the boat. Add to that a retractable hydrofoil system which includes two large ones in front and two smaller ones in the rear. At the push of a single button, the yacht raises an impressive five feet over the water surface, The carbon fiber hull gives the FOILER a sleek look and also promises an easier takeoff, a smooth landing, and comfortable sailing even without using the foils. It can accommodate 8 of your very best friends with a maximum range of 260 nautical miles when cruising at 20 knots or 130 nautical miles for those speeding at 30 knots (maximum speed is 40 knots in flight mode). For a splurge, dream purchase, check out FOILER!