Out There: The Wildest Stories from Outside Magazine

April 2, 2018

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Live vicariously through the stories chronicled by the editors of Outside Magazine in Out There:┬áThe Wildest Stories from Outside Magazine. If you’re not familiar with Outside, this is a monthly magazine started in 1977 and published in the United States that focuses on, not surprisingly, the outdoors with articles on people, activities, sports, gear, and trends that make up an active lifestyle. Out There takes some of the most memorable stories from this magazine and presents a truly entertaining read. Potterheads will enjoy Eric Hansen’s recount of the Quidditch World Cup. Yes, there are people who have designed a game based on J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, and no, there’s no flying, just simulated “flying” on brooms that are at least 46 inches long. Kevin Fedarko tells of cringe-worthy adventures in the Grand Canyon as the captain of the “poop boat”. And we mustn’t forget Natasha Singer’s incredulous tales of adventure in Alaska, where Carhartts clothing (ultra-durable work wear) saved many a life, resulted in a marriage proposal, and inspired the Carhartt Ball. Out There has it all from tales that are captivating, heart-breaking, funny, nail-biting, and more.