Botanical Bliss Coconut Milk Bath Tea

March 7, 2018

Currently available: $19.99  Visit their site to learn more

Relax in a cup of tea…literally! Our friends at Lili Aromatherapy have created the ultimate means to help you relax with their┬áBotanical Bliss Coconut Milk Bath Tea. Individual bags that look like giant tea bags are filled with coconut milk powder, epsom salts, black tea leaves, and a combination of essential oils. These ingredients make for not only a relaxing soak but also help relieve sunburn, tighten and tone your skin, detoxify, and brighten your complexion. You hang the bag over the tub faucet as the bath fills with water and once the tub is full, continue to let the bag soak for an additional 5-10 minutes (just like a regular cup of tea!), then get ready for a wonderful, rose-scented spa treatment! Packaged in a wooden box with 4 tea bags, it’s the perfect gift for a friend or yourself!