EZ Ice

February 16, 2018

Currently available: $2,200+  Visit their site to learn more

An ice skating rink in your own backyard! EZ Ice is a cool (pun intended!) kit that allows you to create your own ice rink anywhere in areas where the temperature is freezing outside. The kit consists of durable, 5 foot long panels that snap together, a bracket and strap system that holds those panels in place, and a liner that keeps the water within the panels. In 60 minutes or less, the kit can be assembled on any relatively flat surface like grass, concrete, or even a tennis or basketball court. It’s designed not to damage the underlying surface and to take into account sprinklers or any unevenness in the ground. Once everything’s in place, fill it up with water, wait for it to freeze and this is a self-standing structure turns into an ice rink for skating, hockey, and outdoor fun!