Legally Addictive Crack Cookies

February 5, 2018

Currently available: $23.99 (2 packs)  Visit their site to learn more

Is it a cracker? Is it a cookie? Either way, it’s delicious, and they’re called Legally Addictive Crack Cookies! Why are they called Crack Cookies? According to Laura Shafferman, the founder and genius creator of these yummies, there are two reasons. First, the base is made from a cracker; yes, an ordinary square, humble cracker like the kind that you eat with soups. And second, they are as (legally) addictive as their not-so-legal namesake. Stay with us now, because that ordinary, humble cracker blossoms into an incredibly delightful snack with a topping of toffee, chocolate, and some other seasonings. The OG is the original that started the craze and has just the right amount of sea salt added on top. Then there’s the Everything, which sports an interesting combination of garlic, onion, sesame, poppy seed, and sea salt, like an everything bagel seasoning. It sounds a little odd, but it works – sweet, savory, salty. The bags are resealable and make a tasty treat for the trails.¬†Fair warning though, Legally Addictive Crack Cookies are soooo good that you won’t be able to eat just one!