Night At Blue Planet

February 6, 2018

Currently available: Contest  Visit their site to learn more

Coming April 4, 2018. Channel your inner Jacques Cousteau! BBC Worldwide is teaming up with Airbnb to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend 3 days and 2 nights aboard the research vessel, Alucia, which was used in the filming of Blue Planet II. This ship has 2¬†submersibles, a helipad, the latest in technical diving, filming and scientific research equipment, and comfy sleeping quarters. Your host will be Orla Doherty, an experienced explorer and BBC producer, who’ll share her experience of over¬†500 hours on the Alucia, exploring the cannibalistic¬†Humboldt squid in the waters off of Chile, the methane volcanos on the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico, and more. You get to join an active research trip in the Bahamas, and hop in one of the submersibles to explore the waters off of Cape Eleuthera in the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this amazing underwater trip: submit a 550 character description of your “ideal deep sea adventure”. Get your creative cap on quickly because you only have until February 10th to submit your best answer.