Matzo Project Snacks

January 29, 2018

Currently available: $12+  Visit their site to learn more

Not your typical matzo. When you hear matzo, do you think of that cardboardy, tasteless, dry cracker? Well, the Matzo Project is setting out to change your opinion of this traditional, unleavened bread.¬†With a cheeky grandmother on every package, saying things like “eat something, you look skinny”, how could you resist this! They offer Matzo Chips and Crackers in three flavors: salted, everything (think sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic, crushed red pepper, and rosemary, like an everything bagel and then some), and cinnamon sugared, and a Matzo Ball Mix. All are delicious and filled with flavor! The products are described as kosher, but not kosher for Passover, meaning that they want it to be eaten all year long, not just for “ritual use”. Try Matzo Project Snacks for a cracker that’s yummy on its own or to accompany cheese, dips, or hummus.