Dave’s Gourmet Overnight Oats

January 22, 2018

Currently available: $3.49  Visit their site to learn more

No cooking required! Our friends at Dave’s Gourmet have a delicious oatmeal called Overnight Oats, and you won’t need to spend the time cooking them to get the benefits of those heart-healthy oats. Available in single serving containers, just cover the oats with milk the night before, pop it in the refrigerator, and they will be ready for you in the morning. So easy, yummy, and portable! They are certified gluten free and filled with organic whole grain oats, oat bran, chia seeds, and a bit of organic cane sugar for a touch of sweetness. Choose from 4 delicious flavors: Blueberry Vanilla Almond (our fave!), Cinnamon Raisin, Mixed Berry, and Apple Nut. They will provide you with plenty of sustained energy with 220-230 calories, 8-9 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. Start your day right with┬áDave’s Gourmet Overnight Oats!