Body Back Company FootStar, BodyStar, and Treypoint

January 9, 2018

Currently available: $6.95+  Visit their site to learn more

Have you overdone it trying to work on those New Year’s resolutions? Relieve those sore muscles with some of the fabulous products from our friends at the Body Back Company. The FootStar and BodyStar are small massage balls (2 inch and 2.5 inch diameters, respectively) covered in star-shaped nibs that are designed to put pressure on trigger points. Their rigid nature lends well to placing them on the floor and rolling your tired feet over them for quick relief or wedging between your lower back and the wall to ease tension. The Treypoint features 3 differently shaped nodes for targeting specific areas of discomfort. The large node helps with┬álarger muscle groups; the small node gets into deep tissue for those painful muscle knots; and the roof shaped node is used for muscle scraping. These tools are very portable, durable, and best of all, you control the intensity of the massage with the amount of pressure you use, providing welcome relief of sore and tight muscles resulting from all your TrailblazerGirl adventures.