Crescent Moon Eva All Foam Snowshoe

November 3, 2017

Currently available: $159  Visit their site to learn more

A completely novel snowshoe! Just released this season, the Crescent Moon Eva All Foam Snowshoe is the first of its kind. It is described as a big athletic flip flop for the snow. The top of the foam deck is soft and provides some cushion and insulation to absorb the impact of packed snow and other hard ground, while the bottom layer is a harder, tougher EVA composite, similar to a football cleat, with a middle insert that includes multiple cleats and tire-like lugs for added traction. The intuitive hook and loop strap binding system is easy to use, and the teardrop shape frame allows for a natural stride and excellent flotation. This winter, treat your feet to the lightweight, flexible Crescent Moon Eva All Foam Snowshoes!