Emu Joy Banish My Callus

September 29, 2017

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Discover the power of the emu! The key ingredient in the amazing Banish My Callus cream from our friends at Emu Joy is pure emu oil. Yes, emus, those giant, prehistoric-looking birds endemic to Australia. Here’s the scoop on emu oil: it’s a natural anti inflammatory and antibacterial, plus it’s hypoallergenic and ultra moisturizing. Its composition is very close to the oils that are normally found on our skin so this stuff is absorbed extremely deeply (more than 20 times better than other mineral oils!), which explains why we saw a significant difference with just one overnight application! Cracked, dry heels were almost completed better and hard calluses were much softer and less painful to walk on – yippee! There’s not much scent to this cream, just a mild spicy sort of scent from the clove bud essential oils. Emu Joy has several other products using this magic elixir, such as Banish My Chapped Lips, a great lip balm for the upcoming ski season. We are over the top excited about Emu Joy’s Banish My Callus, and we think you will be too!