Portland Reflector Afterglow

September 7, 2017

Currently available: $19  Visit their site to learn more

The triangles have it! Our friends at Portland Reflector developed some reflective┬ádevices that are just what you need to keep you safe during low lighting times. The Afterglow is a large 6 inch reflector triangle that can be attached to anything. It’s magnetic so you can stick it on something metal (of course!), but it also has a second triangle with another magnet so it can be attached to your shirt, jacket, backpack, etc. Just place one triangle inside and the other outside and “click”, they stick together! The magnets are strong so the triangles will stay in place, but when you want to take them off or switch them to something else, they will easily pull apart and attach elsewhere. Very versatile! It was originally designed for cyclists, but it’s ideal for runners, walkers, or anyone who wants to be seen and safe at night!