jcoco 8 bar mini assortment

August 10, 2017

Currently available: $20  Visit their site to learn more

Everyone loves chocolate, right? Our TrailblazerGirl team sure does, and we especially love jcoco! This 100% woman owned company crafts all-natural, GMO-free, interestingly flavored chocolate bars in 3oz and 1oz sizes. Here’s a sampling of their flavors: Arabica Cherry Expresso, Vanuatu Coconut Pecan, Agave Quinoa Sesame, Edamame Sea Salt, and Black Fig Pistachio. They are all so decadent and deliciously satisfying for your sweet tooth and are a well-deserved treat after your calorie-burning TrailblazerGirl adventures! As if delicious chocolate isn’t enough, this wonderful company has donated over 2 million servings of food through their community partnerships. Their giving mission is simple: one bar = one serving to one in need. Chocolates from jcoco support an admirable cause and are a delightful indulgence.