Green Pea Cookies

July 25, 2017

Currently available: $14+  Visit their site to learn more

PROMO CODE ALERT! Peas in cookies? Yes, and they taste delicious! Green Pea Cookies are a Singaporean festive cookie that is 100% certified vegan, dairy free, and handmade with roasted green peas and other quality ingredients. Shaped like little snowballs, these bite-sized wonders have just the slightest green tint to them, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture similar to a shortbread cookie and a nice crunch from the peas. Not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and much more healthy for you with only 30 calories per cookie.The packaging is adorable with each flavor of cookie displaying their unique personality: Peater, The Original Green Pea Cookie; Pearl, The Earl Grey Green Pea Cookie; and Opealia, The Sriracha Green Pea Cookie. A gluten-free version of Peater is also available. Best of all, the kind folks at Green Pea Cookies are offering TrailblazerGirl readers a special 10% discount with the code “trailblazergirl”. A sweet deal that will have you saying, yes “peas” to Green Pea Cookies!