Clakit StrapPack

July 20, 2017

Currently available: $19.95  Visit their site to learn more

Clip it with Clakit! The folks at Clakit have some handy accessories to make your next hiking trip more accessible. The key is their namesake product, the Clakit Clip, a patented clip system that securely attaches pouches and bags to the strap of your backpack or anything with a strap. This adjustable, plastic clip fits straps up to 3 inches wide and has internal teeth to keep it from sliding or moving. Of the various options available, we tested the StrapPack, a 3 pocketed pouch that attaches to your backpack with the Clakit Clip. We found it to be very useful, providing an easily accessible area to hold a phone, lip balm, energy bars, keys, money, or anything we needed to get to fast. The StrapPack also has 2 snap-straps to attach it to your belt directly, without the use of the Clakit Clip. Check out Clakit for rapid access to the things you need the most!