HydraPak Stash 1L

July 12, 2017

Currently available: $25  Visit their site to learn more

Just slightly bigger than the size of a hockey puck and yet it can hold a whole liter of water! The Stash 1L from our friends at HydraPak is a collapsible bottle that fits into the palm of your hand when not filled. The rigid top and bottom allow the bottle to be free standing and make it easier than most soft sided bottles to drink out of. The wide mouth is a bonus for adding ice cubes, connecting a backcountry water filter, and it also facilitates cleaning. The Stash is super durable and can be frozen or filled with hot water too. When empty, snap together the top and bottom, crushing the flexible walls for a compact package that takes up very little space in your pack and weighs in at a mere 3.3 oz. The Stash is the way to go for a lightweight, space-saving, reusable bottle for all your TrailblazerGirl adventures.