Search and Rescue Survival Guide Series

July 10, 2017

Currently available: $9.95  Visit their site to learn more

Designed by experts for professionals, but a valuable resource for everyone. The National Association for Search and Rescue has teamed up with the folks at Waterford Press to bring to you the Search and Rescue Survival Guide Series. These pocket size guides, Basic Navigation for Search and Rescue and Survival and Essential Knots for Search and Rescue and Survival, are waterproof and loaded with information that every TrailblazerGirl should know (or at least have access to). In concise, straightforward language and clear illustrations, you’ll find tips on reading grid coordinates, measuring distance traveled by keeping a tally of your pace, magnetizing a needle to fashion a compass, the difference between a knot (i.e., a tie that intertwines within itself) and a hitch (i.e., a tie that attaches a rope to another object in a means that if the object is removed, the hitch fall apart), and how to tie the most common knots and hitches and in what situation these will be useful. Valuable info to have when you are on your next camping or backcountry adventure.