Thermacell Patio Shield Halo

June 9, 2017

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t get eaten by mosquitoes! Protect yourself with the Thermacell Patio Shield Halo. Create a 15 square foot zone of protection with this cordless, odor-free, quiet, very effective mini tower. Using no-mess butane cartridges, you have the option to install up to four cartridges giving you 48 hours of mosquito-free bliss. The cartridge(s) heat up and activate a small mosquito repellent mat that sits inside the Halo releasing allethrin, a potent insecticide that kills those pesky biting bugs. This summer, live life outdoors and don’t let mosquitoes get the better of you, get the Thermacell Patio Shield Halo!