Stonewear Designs Cassanna Pullover

April 14, 2017

Currently available: $72  Visit their site to learn more

Spring is trying to push its way through, and we found a great transition piece for you with the Stonewear Designs Cassanna Pullover. This Colorado-based company started out designing clothing for women rock climbers, and happily, they have since moved into designing all kinds of workout and leisure threads that help women feel good about their bodies. The Cassanna doesn’t disappoint – a comfortable, flowing top to wear before, during, and after all your TrailblazerGirl activities. The boat neckline allows for a peak of color from your sports bra or tank top underneath. Though the fabric is breathable and moisture wicking, it pleasantly surprises you with a soft cotton-like feel. Additionally, the long length with a bit of flare at the bottom makes for a flattering look with leggings or skinny jeans. A fantastic find to incorporate into your TrailblazerGirl wardrobe.