OMG’s Clusters

April 11, 2017

Currently available: CAD$3.99+  Visit their site to learn more

The name says it all…OMG! Yep, OMG Clusters are a surefire winner to please your sweet tooth. Our pals in Canada┬áhave created 3 super delectable snacks: a peanut butter, pretzel, milk chocolate-coated wonder; a graham cracker, almond, toffee bit, white chocolate-coated spectacle; and a graham cracker, almond, toffee bit, milk chocolate-coated sensation. The perfect combination of salty and sweet will have you exclaiming, oh my goodness, just like its name! These bite sized delicacies come in a resealable bag, so if you can control yourself and only eat a few at a time (not the whole bag!), they’ll stay fresh. OMG’s are a treat to reward yourself after a day of TrailblazerGirl adventures!