Swany Legend II Mittens and LaPosh Gloves

March 24, 2017

Currently available: $115  Visit their site to learn more

Heading for the snow? Then you must take the Legend II Mittens or the LaPosh Gloves (or both!) with you! Our friends at Swany are experts at gloves and mittens for skiers and snowboarders alike. If you’re a mitten person, go with the Legend II, a mitten with a novel twist. As part of the Toaster series, you get the warmth of a mitt with the flexibility of a glove. Yes, unzip the side zipper, and you can pop your fingers out, but wait…they’re protected and warm with a built-in glove liner! How cool (or hot!) is that! So convenient to be able to check your phone with the touch screen compatible index finger, open that candy bar (oops, we meant healthy granola bar) on the lift, pull out a tissue, and more. If you’re a strictly glove girl, check out the LaPosh Glove for a women-specific fit and the softest leather outer you will ever find. It’s got great waterproof breathability, and the insulation and lining will keep you fingers warm and cozy. An added bonus is that they’ve designed the LaPosh with pre-curved fingers for a smart, comfortable fit. When the mercury drops, be sure to have a pair or two of Swany gloves or mittens for your outdoor TrailblazerGirl activities.