March 8, 2017

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There’s a secret ingredient in these snacks. Can you guess what it is? It’s crickets! Yes, Chirps contains 1 cricket in every chip and 14 crickets in each cookie. Why crickets? Well, according to the ladies that created these creative¬†snacks, “from the amount of land used to how efficiently they use their feed, insects are a major environmental win.” There’s also less fat and more protein in the Chirps chips compared to traditional chips, and they contain iron and B12. The chips come in 3 flavors (Sea Salt, BBQ, and Cheddar) and the cookie mix comes in Chocolate Chirp (clever pun!) with a gluten free and a regular version. They taste good; you’d never know there were crickets in them – maybe just a little more crunchy than usual or a bit of an “earthy” flavor to them. As they say, “eat what bugs you”!