Fox River Socks

March 3, 2017

Currently available: $8+  Visit their site to learn more

Happy feet…happy TrailblazerGirl! The folks at Fox River Socks are America’s oldest performance sock brand, so they know their socks. They have a massive assortment of socks to choose from depending on the activity you’re doing, the weather, fabric, and personal style preference. These sock experts (shout out to Mike!) smartly suggested we try their Adventure Cross Terrain, Trailmaster, and Wick Dry Alturas Liner. All are excellent choices for our winter TrailblazerGirl activities! The Adventure Cross Terrain is a lightweight merino wool and comes in a colorful stripe. It was spot-on the right sock for our evening runs – warm enough when we first started out, then breathable and moisture wicking once we got going. The Trailmaster, on the other hand, was a toasty warm, medium weight sock that was ideal for our snowshoeing treks through the Cascades – nicely cushioned for warmth and comfort. The Wick Dry Alturas Liner came in very handy when we were trekking up some hills in deeper snow. The added layer was thin, yet effect when our feet could have gotten overheated. These are all very well made socks with reinforced toes and heels, promising to hold up well with lots of use. Check out all the sock that Fox River has to offer – they have your sock needs covered!