February 17, 2017

Currently available: $149  Visit their site to learn more

Transforms your cell phone into a super “walkie-textie”! When there’s no wi-fi and no cellular service, you can still text your friends and share your location. Amazing, right?! goTenna is a compact device that uses VHF radio waves to allow you to keep in contact with your friends that have other goTennas in the area. Download the free app and pair your iOS or Android device with goTenna. Then, when you’ve decided where you’re going, download offline maps from a wide selection of locations around the world, and this will enable you to use GPS even without cellular service. The range of communication varies, but as a general guideline, it’s about 4 miles in open environments, 0.5 mile in congested, urban environments, and at best, 27 miles reported by at least one user. You can send private messages and group chats, as well as share you location on demand and automatically. Get all your TrailblazerGirl-friends goTennas, and you can always stay in contact with them even when you’re off-grid!