Onegee Bungee

February 14, 2017

Currently available: $15.99  Visit their site to learn more

The one bungee cord to rule them all! It’s Onegee Bungee! We all know how handy those elastic cords can be to secure anything and everything on your bike, car, boat, trailer, or in your garage or storage unit. Our friends at Onegee Bungee have developed the ultimate bungee cord that is ultra strong AND adjustable. First, let’s talk about the cord. It’s made out of durable, marine-grade polyester with an incredible amount of stretch. The 36 inch length can be stretched to twice its length – yes, a whopping 72 inches!  Second, the hooks are designed to work with both the bungee cord and rope, plus the reinforced nylon composite hook-system allows you to adjust the length of the cord or rope on either or both ends while the unique patented “cleat box” very securely holds the bungee cord or rope in place. Also, the tapered hooks make it easy to fit into tent or tarp grommets and are just the right size to secure around 1 inch rails like those found on a boat. The versatile, rugged Onegee Bungee will get the job done right.